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From: Jim Sims (jsims$##$
Date: Thu Oct 28 1999 - 12:40:18 EDT

Reverse phase is separates on a different principle than regular phase (see
texts ). Some molecules separate better on one than the other. We find
that for very polar or very nonpolar molecules reverse phase is usually
better. For intermediate polarity it can be a toss up. We prefer normal
phase for preparative work because we normally can load the column with
more sample and maintain the separation. Solvent choice can greatly
influence the separation on either phase.

>I guess I would ask you a similar question (and I ask it out of ignorance,
>since I'm pretty new to reverse phase). Why is reverse phase the method of
>choice now, both for analytical and prep work? For "normal" organic
>synthesis (i.e., nonzwitterionic compounds, high organic solubility, etc.)
>isn't straight phase chromatography using nonaqueous mixtures just as
>There's my response...if the collected wisdom of the list has further
>suggestions, I would love to hear them.
>best regards,
>Joe Bozell
>Senior Chemist
>National Renewable Energy Lab
>Golden, CO
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