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From: Jacob Zabicky (zabicky$##$
Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 10:28:15 EST

Hello Andrea,

F&F is usually well documented. It is advisable to look for original
descriptions of NOCl generators. IMHO you'll never get substantial amounts
of dry HCl from fuming acid the way you describe it. If you have no
cylinder of dry HCl, you can generate it from NaCl and concentrated
sulfuric acid (look that up in books of laboratory excercises).

Have fun,


>Dear sirs,
>according to what is written on Fieser & Fieser, vol 1, pag 748, NOCl may
>be produced "passing dry HCl into sodium nitrite: NaNo2 + 2HCl -> NOCl +
>NaCl + H20."
>I am interested in nitrosating a substrate which shows to suffer hydrolisis
>in acid conditions, say pH < 4. I thought that fuming HCl from conc.
>acqueuos HCl could be passed into conc. H2SO4 under a slow stream of inert
>gas, say nitrogen. The gaseous mixture may be driven to some glass piece
>containing the salt, ending with a capillary into the solution. This may
>eventually be buffered to prevent to turn the solution too much acidic.
>Anyway, i don't know if this may be good enough.
>Do you have any suggestion about a better apparatus i could use?
>Thank you.
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